WorldPerks/SkyMiles Line Up

WorldPerks/SkyMiles Line Up

As we predicted in the January 2009 InsideFlyer cover story, “The New [Delta] Workbook”, the elite mileage bonuses for Northwest WorldPerks members are being reduced to match the bonuses earned by Delta SkyMiles members.

WorldPerks members currently earn a generous 50 percent (Silver), 100 percent (Gold) and 125 percent (Platinum) but the bonus miles for Silver and Platinum will be reduced to align with Delta’s policy. American, United and Continental also offer elite bonus percentages of 25/100/100, although Continental offers an additional 25 percent bonus to Presidential Plus credit cardholders.

Last month, we reported that Platinum Elite members would no longer be exempt from the $100 award redeposit and reissue fees, effective March 1, 2009. This policy has been modified and the reissue and redeposit fee will be waived for two reservations per year.

And for any additional award ticket changes, Platinum Elite members will be charged a reduced fee of $50. Also, Northwest Platinum Elites will now receive six systemwide upgrades that can be used on both domestic and international flights.

In other news, Delta SkyMiles and Northwest WorldPerks members now have the ability to link their frequent flyer accounts and transfer miles between SkyMiles and WorldPerks. Plus, if you link your accounts by March 15, 2009, you’ll earn a one-time bonus of 500 miles.

Linking your accounts is quick and easy. You will need to enter your WorldPerks and SkyMiles account numbers and PINs at — Only accounts owned by the same person may be linked and first and last names must match on the two accounts. After your programs are linked, you can make unlimited mileage transfers between your accounts and there is no fee for transfers. And by linking your accounts, your account history will automatically be consolidated when the two programs merge.

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