Delta's Coach Choice Seats

Delta's Coach Choice Seats

Delta recently took a step back after changing the policy for Choice Coach Seats to allow anyone to purchase the select seats when checking in online or at an airport kiosk. In essence, there were two types of premium seats, Choice Coach Seats and Medallion Preferred Seats. When the Choice Coach Seats fee was introduced, the airline said that Medallion elite-level members could only book these premium seats 24 hours before the flight, and not at time of booking like they had become accustomed to with the Preferred Seats program. This was definitely not a popular move with Medallion members. “Thank you for taking yet another step to making flights miserable and flying with Delta even less enjoyable,” said one Medallion member on Delta’s blog. “You sure aren’t managing to earn or keep my loyalty.”

But Delta listened to their best customers and sent an email to Medallion members that said in part, ” We heard you loud and clear. Since we launched our Coach Choice Seats program that impacted Medallion access to Preferred Seats, we’ve received substantial feedback from Medallion members like you, and your dissatisfaction was crystal clear. Retaining your long-term loyalty is of paramount importance to us, and we’re not afraid to change course when we need to.”

SkyMiles stated that Medallion members would now be able to book any of the premium seats available at the time of booking; and could do so without a charge.

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