HawaiianMiles Changes Awards

HawaiianMiles Changes Awards

Effective Sept. 1, 2008, HawaiianMiles members will have to shell out more miles for an award ticket. The airline said it’s been 14 years since Hawaiian Airlines last changed its award chart and at that time, oil was priced at less than $20 per barrel. Today, the price of jet fuel hovers around $130 a barrel and the increase in fees and award chart changes were made to help offset the high cost of fuel.

HawaiianMiles has a three-tier award structure and members can continue to combine tiers and travel classes when booking award travel. The mileage increases are modest and most award levels will require an additional 2,500 miles or 5,000 miles. Roundtrip coach flights between Hawaii and the mainland are now 40,000 miles for SuperSaver (from 35,000 miles), 60,000 miles for Saver (from 50,000 miles) and 80,000 miles for Anytime (from 70,000 miles). You’ll find the biggest jumps in first class, where a one-way transpacific Saver flight is now 40,000 miles (from 30,000 miles) and a one-way transpacific anytime flight is 80,000 miles (from 60,000 miles).

In comparison, and if you’re flexible with your travel dates, you can still find a roundtrip award ticket in coach to Hawaii for 35,000 miles on United, US Airways, American, Northwest and Continental. Delta’s recent changes put their minimum mileage requirement for Hawaiian awards at 40,000 miles roundtrip.

Hawaiian Airlines will also start charging $15 for a first checked bag for travel between Hawaii and the mainland on or after Oct. 1 for all tickets purchased on or after Aug. 1, 2008. Passengers on interisland flights can continue to check one bag for free. And effective Sept. 1, customers booking over the phone will be charged $10 for interisland travel and $20 for all other routes; the fee for making reservations at the airport will be $25.

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