AAnother Fee

AAnother Fee

In our July issue, we wrote about several changes to American Airlines AAdvantage set for Oct. 1, 2008 such as raising award redemptions. The program has now added another fee effective Oct. 1. A non-refundable co-payment of $50 will be required to claim one-way upgrade awards used with most discount coach fares when traveling within the continental U.S. and Canada; within and between the continental U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean and between North America and Central America. These awards will require 15,000 miles plus the co-payment and reflect a 2,500 increase for upgrades between North America and Central America. Upgrades wholly within South America stay the same with no co-payment or award increase.

Also, the non-refundable co-payment required when claiming one-way upgrade awards from most discount coach fares when traveling between North America and Europe, India, Japan, China, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile or Uruguay will be $350, up from $300 (plus 25,000 miles for all destinations except India, which requires 40,000 miles).

These co-pays will be required for all members who wish to upgrade from discounted coach fares. You can request a mileage upgrade award when you purchase your ticket or up until two hours prior to departure. If an upgrade is not available when you request it, you will be placed on a waitlist to be confirmed when the award becomes available. You will not be charged the non-refundable co-payment until you have been confirmed for the upgrade. For full information, go to http://www.insideflyer.com/link/?1163

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