Delta Enters the Blogosphere

Delta Enters the Blogosphere

Delta Air Lines recently joined the growing number of companies that use an Internet blog to interact with customers. “Under the Wing” can be found at

Initial comments were generally positive and readers posted 29 comments within a few days in response to the first post, which read that the new blog is a place “where you can hear directly from Delta leaders on some of your most passionate and inspiring ideas, as well as some of the changes we’ve got coming.” Many of the early questions are coming from elite-level SkyMiles members, such as this: “Why has Delta taken the approach to dilute the Platinum Medallion pool?” and another poster agrees with this person by writing, “…and why should I compete for the few upgrade seats with some guy who charges a ton to his AMEX and takes a few flights a year?” Let the communication begin.

According to Delta’s Katie McConnell, everyone from the CEO to frontline employees will post to the blog. Delta expects to post three times a week at first, possibly increasing the number of entries to multiple times per day, depending on the level of interest.

The comments will be moderated and readers have expressed concern that the blog will become another marketing tool instead of a platform for real dialogue between the airline and its customers. One reader writes, “I’m looking forward to ongoing, meaningful dialogue and to honest answers to questions raised by loyal customers.”

Southwest Airlines has maintained a corporate blog for over a year now and is the only other airline to do so.

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