As many frequent flyers know, while several programs offer worthwhile donation programs, none offer a way to directly donate miles or points to an individual in need.

That’s where comes in. In addition to tracking the various charitable options offered by frequent flyer programs, MileDonor provides a space where individuals in need of mileage/point donations and those with awards to give can find one another.

Here’s a recent request for help that highlights what members with miles can do to assist others:

“My name is Holli Lennon and I am seeking help with travel for my family. My daughter is 13 years old with a very rare genetic disorder called Cystinosis. She is receiving treatment at the National Institute of Health in Maryland. She is on the national waiting list for a kidney transplant and will then be away from home for several months. Our family is unable to afford airline tickets for everyone to be there for her surgery. It is very hard to explain to Chelsea why her sisters and Dad can not be there. Her daily medical expenses are overwhelming and we just can not afford these tickets. We travel to NIH yearly and are away from the family but to do it and be away for 3-6 months is very difficult. We have never asked for assistance or help and my husband is a very proud man but I am doing this to help keep our family together during these hard times and give our daughter the support she needs for the best recovery and outcome of her transplant.”

If interested in helping Holli, or anyone else who has posted a request on the site, or just to familiarize yourself with how your miles and points can be used for other purposes, visit

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