Beyond DreamTracker

Beyond DreamTracker

If there is one thing that forever keeps frequent flyers up at night it is that nagging feeling that you might be missing out on a bonus. Short of a punch to the solar plexus, there is little that compares to the pain of discovering, after a promotion has ended, that you only needed one more night to be christened a point king.

But Marriott Rewards members can now look forward to restful nights and pain-free days with the introduction of a new Promotion Tracker.

Members simply sign in to view the specific offers they have signed up for and the page will display the number of stays or nights needed to reach that goal. As well, the Promotion Tracker will alert members to promos they may be eligible for but for which they have not yet registered. The Promotional Tracker seems to be an enhancement to the DreamRewards Tracker — a tool introduced in February that allows members to track progress toward a specific reward.

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