Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles – July, 28 2006

Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles – July, 28 2006

Are you ready for Hawaii anytime?

Escape to the islands anytime you choose with “Hawaii Anytime,” a free downloadable widget that puts Hawaii directly on your computer desktop.

There’s a piece of paradise for everyone. Hawaii live-action cameras provide up-to-the minute photos of Hawaii beaches, surf sites and Kilauea Volcano along with Hawaiian music, weather updates, Hawaii activity calendar and much more.

“Hawaii Anytime” is also a virtual portal for Hawaii deals. Receive up-to-the minute discount airfare to Hawaii and travel deals on your desktop from Hawaiian Airlines.

The program, which may be downloaded at http://www.hawaiianair.com/Hawaiianytime, includes photos, screensavers, e-postcards and more.

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