For the past 25 years, consumers have flocked to frequent flyer and related reward programs hoping to turn miles and points into free trips, hotel stays or car rentals. Redeeming them for free travel is becoming more and more difficult, however, according to GlobalPass, which says that frustration over a dwindling supply of award travel seats has led consumers to search for other redemption opportunities.

“While we know that there is growing consumer dissatisfaction in not being able to use miles and points, we also understand that the economics of loyalty programs has changed dramatically since frequent flier programs were first introduced in 1981,” says Guy Booth, GlobalPass CEO.

To that end, GlobalPass offers an online mileage program that helps members turn miles and points into cash through its “Miles as Money” feature. In an effort to expand the concept, GlobalPass has introduced GlobalCredits, so that miles and points can now also be used to pay off balances on credit cards of the member’s choice.

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