Dollar Rent A Car Launches Corporate Loyalty Program

Dollar Rent A Car Launches Corporate Loyalty Program

Dollar Rent A Car has introduced a new corporate car rental program that provides rebates to businesses with at least $1,000 in annual rental car spend through proper channels in the company.

Corporate clients of the Tulsa, Okla.-based company, part of the Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, now may create a Dollar 4Business account to earn rebates and receive simplified booking and billing options. While Dollar traditionally has focused on leisure travel, it aims to welcome more business travelers into its fold, said Scott Anderson, Dollar Thrifty’s senior executive vice president for global markets.

Dollar 4Business offers a flex-rate plan with no minimum rental volume for companies. Besides access to Dollar’s lowest retail rates with an additional 5-percent discount, companies earn a 3-percent quarterly rebate when their spend with Dollar reaches $1,000. Revenue can be carried over quarters, so a company that spends $700 in both the first and second quarters, for example, would earn the rebate in the second quarter.

The program also offers an authorized billing option, in which employees can rent with only a billing code and without credit cards or paperwork. Companies will receive monthly invoices for all such rentals. Central billing credit vouchers are available to companies as a second option.

Dollar 4Business also comes in the form of a corporate rate plan that has similar reservation methods but provides benefits based on the amount the company plans to spend with Dollar. Rentals in many major U.S. cities also will carry a surcharge under a corporate rate plan, however.

Other benefits associated with Dollar 4Business include waivers of underage driver fees, roadside assistance, free membership to Dollar’s express service program and earned frequent flyer miles. Dollar did not disclose enrollments, but said initial participation exceeded expectations.

NOTE: Does the company know that they are paying the tax for their travelers to earn the frequent flyer miles?

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