ANA Mileage Club – June, 29 2006

ANA Mileage Club – June, 29 2006

Have 12,000 miles burning a hole in your pocket? This summer, until July 31, you can turn it into cold, hard cash…sort of.

Americas-based members of ANA Mileage Club can now redeem those miles for a $100 gift certificate to Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, or Chelsea Premium Outlets.

Granted, the overall return on your miles is less than stellar (at 12,000 miles for $100, you’re looking at about .83 cents per mile), but it’s at least an option if you happen to have a few orphaned miles lying around.

The certificates for Macy’s and “Bloomie’s” have no expiration date, and the Chelsea certificates are good for a full two years after purchase.

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