Survey: Flyers Willing to Pay for Perks

Survey: Flyers Willing to Pay for Perks

A new survey of 1,001 flyers suggests that many would pay a little extra for additional perks, such as extra miles, more overhead bin space and the ability to sit in a child-free section of the plane.

The report found that 31 percent of respondents said they were willing to pay more for guaranteed overhead storage, and 40 percent would pay extra to choose the type of movie played on their seatback movie screen.

Also, respondents said they would be willing to pay extra for an airline ticket if it allowed them to fly with an additional carry-on bag, or secured them unlimited alcohol or extra frequent flyer miles.

The recently released survey was sponsored by Leflein Associates and Amadeus, a travel company that provides distribution technology to airlines and travel agencies. In the online survey conducted in November, Amadeus tried to get a better understanding of the nation’s frequent flyers, how they purchase their tickets and what they are willing to pay extra for. The report coincidentally comes at a time when some airlines have begun charging for various amenities, such as meals, soda, pillows and blankets.

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