US Airways Wires Up Shopping Network

US Airways Wires Up Shopping Network

Yet more shopping solace has arrived for Dividend Miles members. Dividend Miles Online Rewards has launched, and members can earn one mile for every dollar spent at most participating e-retailers. Over 70 e-retailers are participating, including,, and

To begin earning Dividend Miles, members must first visit to register for Dividend Miles Online Rewards. Once registered, members can visit the Dividend Miles Shopping Mall to view and explore the extensive list of participating e-retailers. To shop and earn miles for purchases, members can click through the Dividend Miles shopping mall directly to a preferred e-retailer, or choose to activate the optional Dividend Miles Bonus Bar. The Bonus Bar is currently only available to Internet Explorer users.

The Bonus Bar works by directing members to mileage-earning opportunities. It also features merchant offers and weather reports, plus quick links to The online companion also features the Dividend Miles Meter, which allows members to see a running total of the miles earned through Dividend Miles Online Rewards.

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