America West Home Sales

America West Home Sales

America West FlightFund members can now earn miles while buying or selling a home in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Members will earn one mile for every $10 of the purchase or sale amount as part of the Miles For Home program.

With the average price of a house in Phoenix hovering around the $200,000 mark, FlightFund members could be 20,000 miles the richer when buying or selling a house.

For information, call Re/Max Anasazi Realty at (480) 838-7772 and ask to speak to Mr. Hall about the Miles For Home program.

We hope we can jump in here and clear a few things up. While trumped as “the first of its kind in the nation” there’s every bit of reason to remind potential home buyers in the Phoenix area that because of the large chunks of miles that can be earned, you don’t have to limit your choice to just this real estate agent. If you’re going to earn 20,000 miles or more, then you might shop around to other programs also offering bonus miles. Remember, that miles earned with Continental and Northwest, both of which have their own real estate programs to earn miles, can be redeemed back into a free ticket with America West. The point being — shop around for the best deal in financing or selling. In this case, money is more important than the miles.

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