AAdvantage Turns 20 — But Members Get All the Gifts

AAdvantage Turns 20 — But Members Get All the Gifts

What can we say, if you can’t fatten your AAdvantage account with all of the 20th anniversary promotions the program is offering you just aren’t trying hard enough. From May through September, American will run several promotions — the best of which could land 20,000 bonus miles in your account.

Similar to Northwest’s FlyFreeFaster promotion, this AAdvantage promotion gives members the opportunity to earn 20,000 miles by using 20 different American Airline partners. ‘Different’ is the key word in this promotion. For example, all mileage earned from either AOL Quick Check Out or AOL OpinionPlace counts as one transaction and one AAdvantage partner. Any AAdvantage mile mail-in certificates must be postmarked by Oct. 31. Five-hundred mile certificates, issued by companies such as Kelloggs and Greenpoints, count as different partners because certificates awarded by a company are coded specific to that company. Even though ClickRewards is listed under Retail and Point Conversion, it is not possible to get credit for both. And, unlike the Northwest promotion, AAdvantage Dining only counts as one credit.

And the birthday celebration doesn’t end here. AAdvantage is also giving 20,000 miles to the top 20,000 flyers on American or American Eagle for the months of May, June, July, August and September — for a total of 400,000,000 miles! We suspect that a member would need to fly at least 40,000 miles in the allotted five months to have a shot at the 20,000 bonus, but this guess is completely arbitrary and wide open to many variables that are impossible to calculate.

Perhaps the easiest way for an AAdvantage member to earn a quick 1,000 is to switch to eSummary from paper. After you switch, keep an eye on your balance. Twenty members will be chosen at random to receive an extra 20,000 bonus miles. Drawings will be held in June, July, August, September and October. The 1,000 bonus miles will be credited within two weeks of the first eSummary sent.

Still don’t think there are enough ‘gifts’ at this party? U.S. members can donate $200 or more to American’s Proud Partner campaign in support of America’s National Parks and, as well as earning the standard 10 AAdvantage miles for every dollar donated, you will receive a 20 percent mileage bonus on base miles flown on American Airlines or American Eagle. Or, donate miles to Miles for Kids in Need and American will match your donation mile for mile.

Finally, members renewing or purchasing an Admirals Club membership using AAdvantage miles will get 5,000 bonus miles credited.

We can hardly wait until AAdvantage turns 25.

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