Virgin Atlantic Launches "Flying Paws"

Virgin Atlantic Launches "Flying Paws"

Virgin Atlantic’s furry passengers are now able to earn gifts for themselves and frequent flyer points for their owner after the new “Flying Paws” reward scheme was launched last month.

On their very first Virgin Atlantic flight the jet-setting pets will be given a welcome onboard pet pack, which has been specially designed with their needs in mind. Dogs will be given an exclusive Virgin doggy t-shirt and sparkling dog tag, cats will receive a toy mouse called “Red” and a Virgin collar tag, and ferrets will receive a limited edition flying jacket and collar tag.

All pets that travel on the `Passport for Pets` scheme will be given a passport which will not only give them a record of all their flights but also allows them to collect “paw prints” which they will be able to redeem for their gifts.

One “paw print” is awarded per flight and once pets have collected five prints, they become eligible for extra amenities, such as handmade Virgin bowls plus a specially designed non-slip mat, or they can choose to donate their rewards worth fifty human pounds to their favorite registered animal charity or sanctuary. Alternatively, they can donate 1,000 bonus miles to their owners’ flying club accounts.

More individual gifts are available once the pet has flown 10, 15 or 20 times from blow dries and pedicures to Burberry, Prada and Gucci pet clothing to a personal “Pawtrait” from artist Cindy Lass.

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