British Airways Executive Club/Diners Club Rewards

British Airways Executive Club/Diners Club Rewards

The old conversion dilemma has driven frequent travelers crazy for the years, but the news is not always bad. Diners Club Club Rewards members have the opportunity to convert their points into British Airways miles and receive a 50-percent mileage bonus until Aug. 31. That’s right — when you convert your Club Rewards points into BA miles, you will receive 50-percent more BA miles.

For example, if you convert 37,000 Club Rewards points, you will receive 55,000 miles. That’s enough to travel from the United States to London or other select European cities.

BA miles can be redeemed for free flights to over 650 destinations worldwide.

There is a catch to the deal. But hold on, don’t go pulling your hair out just yet. You have to be a member of both Club Rewards and BA’s Executive Club in order to convert points to miles. If you are already a member of both programs, you are in luck; if not, get on your horse and ride because this offer isn’t going to last forever.

For information about Executive Club, visit Executive Club members can transfer Club Rewards points into their BA account by calling (800) 234-4034. This offer is only available to Diners Club card members who reside in the United States. Club Rewards points can be redeemed in increments of 1,000 points, and handling fees will apply (there is no such thing as a free lunch, or so they say).

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