Aeroplan Miles for Motivation

Aeroplan Miles for Motivation

Canadian incentive and rewards provider Elevate Incentives Inc. has launched a new employee and business channel incentive program that awards Aeroplan Miles to those who meet or exceed performance goals.

Elevate’s use of Aeroplan miles to reward high-performing staff and channel partners is intended to provide Canadian businesses with a cost-effective way of achieving better results and productivity in their sales channels.

The program comprises a suite of applications built on a Web-based platform, and was created in response to demand in the business market from organizations that want to reward their employees or sales and distribution channels with a single tool.

The appeal of Aeroplan Miles, combined with Elevate’s results-driven platform aims to allow organizations in every sector to enhance or replace existing methods of motivation.

Don Brommet, president for Elevate Incentives, said, “The response so far has been tremendous from a wide range of clients in the financial services, home electronics, medical services and home security industries, including Sony of Canada as well as our parent company, Pareto.”

The program was designed to supplement existing corporate motivational programs, whilst offering the ease of a hands-off, online system to redeem. This helps to simplify the management, administration, and budgeting of employee incentive programs.

Since the company’s inception last November, Elevate has already surpassed its first-year sales projections of Can$2.5 million.

“Incentives are critical in driving motivation and results inside a sales force,” added Brommet. “Whether for employees, the indirect or direct sales channel environment, this program can deliver a non-cash option that has an established value in the eyes of Canadian business-people.”

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