Frontier Tweaks EarlyReturns

Frontier Tweaks EarlyReturns

Frontier has announced a few changes to its program, and in a unique twist for the industry as a whole, they’re almost all positive.

The only “bad” news is that EarlyReturns miles now have a two-year expiration date in the absence of account activity. On one hand, this can be seen as a blow, particularly when other U.S. airlines leave miles alone for three years. However, any bona fide member who doesn’t have some sort of account activity is likely living under a rock, and won’t miss any expiring miles. Frontier will begin axing lonely miles at the end of this year.

Now for the good stuff: EarlyReturns is bumping up the bonuses for its elite members. At the end of this year, Ascent and Summit members will see their in-flight bonuses jump from 10 and 25 percent to 25 and 50 percent, respectively.

In addition, all members may now claim missing credit online (assuming the request is within 90 days of the activity). Simply email your itinerary to

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