Discount Hotel Site Launches Loyalty Program

Discount Hotel Site Launches Loyalty Program, an online source for discounted hotel rooms, has announced the launch of its “Get a Room, Get Paid” rewards program.

The program automatically gives travelers who purchase a hotel room from 4 percent of that hotel room rate to be used toward future hotel bookings. Members earn their reward in the form of “ Dollars.”

Mike McCormick, executive vice president, Hospitality & Leisure Services within Cendant’s Travel Distribution Services Division, noted that research has shown that Web-booking customers usually visit at least two competing sites before choosing to book. As a result, the program is designed to drive traffic toward Cendant’s product. “Considering there are more than 89 million members of frequent flyer programs today, and $1.9 billion spent annually as part of loyalty programs, we believe it’s important to offer online travelers added value on,” McCormick said.

Travelers who accumulate $10 or more in “ Dollars” can redeem their dollars beginning this year. Members will also receive a periodic statement of their eligible dollar amounts.

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