US Airways Dividend Miles – June, 29 2004

US Airways Dividend Miles – June, 29 2004

For some time now, Dividend Miles has offered off-peak award travel at reduced redemption rates. Now though, if members wish to take advantage of these off-peak awards, they will be required to book them online.

Beginning July 1, Dividend Miles members who book off-peak awards online will receive a 20-percent discount off the standard redemption rate, but those who book off-peak tickets through any other method will receive no discount. The discount is valid for award travel within the United States and Canada and for roundtrip travel between the U.S., Canada, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

The off-peak period for these destinations runs from Sept. 15 through the end of February.

Off-peak award travel between Europe and North America, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean is valid from Oct.1 through April 30. During this period, the only discounted award travel available is in Economy class on a Standard award for 40,000 miles. If you want to travel on this type of award, a Saturday-night stay is required, and you’re going to have to work around blackout dates.

Flexibility is the name of the game with Dividend Miles off-peak award tickets. To learn more about Dividend Miles off-peak award travel, visit

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