Independence Strikes Back

Independence Strikes Back

Things are getting ugly in Washington.

As newcomer Independence Air was preparing to launch its first flights out of Washington Dulles, the battle with United heated up.

Last month, Independence Air produced a press release indicating that it plans to file a formal complaint with the Department of Transportation against United, which, it claims, circulated an email containing misleading statements about Independence’s frequent flyer program, iCLUB.

In a three-page response, Independence went on a verbal rampage, refuting the claims made by United, and referring to traditional programs as “cookie-cutter mileage programs offered by the old-line legacy carriers for decades.” iClub points are based on money spent, not miles flown.

The tirade winds up with this little X-Files-esque rant: “So, from now on, question those things you read that compare one frequent flyer program, or one airline to another. Make sure what you’re reading is true. Because sometimes the information being presented to you as fact — from one of America’s oldest names in the airline industry — is not factually correct at all.”

As of yet, United has not responded.

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