Hilton HHonors – June, 29 2004

Hilton HHonors – June, 29 2004

When most people utter the phrase “double dip,” they are probably referring to extremely poor snack tray etiquette.

When frequent travelers utter the phrase “double dip,” they are almost certainly referring to the Hilton HHonors program — and that’s the way Hilton likes it.

The concept of double dipping has worked out so well for both Hilton and its members, the HHonors program decided to copyright the phrase. And now, they’ve also decided to expand on the idea a bit.

As of July 1, HHonors members will be given more options when it comes to double dipping. Through Dec. 31, when staying at Hilton family hotels, members can still elect to earn 10 HHonors Base points per eligible dollar spent plus 500 miles per stay, or they can instead choose to receive 10 points plus one airline mile for every dollar spent (a good option if you tend to have longer stays). And if neither of those options suits their fancy, they can choose to simply earn 15 HHonors points for every dollar spent.

“These new earnings options give each HHonors member an opportunity to Double Dip their way, to choose the benefit that suits their individual travel,” said Jeffrey Diskin, president and chief operating officer of Hilton HHonors Worldwide. “It’s another example of the flexibility of the Hilton HHonors program in meeting the individual needs of our members.”

Members can choose the Double Dip option that’s most appealing to them at any time prior to any stay, by changing their profile preferences online or by calling the Hilton HHonors Customer Service Center. For more information and to choose your earning style, visit http://www.hiltonhhonors.com/myway.

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