Distancia Introduces Complimentary Upgrades

Distancia Introduces Complimentary Upgrades

Members of Distancia’s Horizonte program at the Silver, Gold, and Platinum level can now take advantage of confirmed complimentary upgrades on all routes, subject to space availability.

All Horizonte elite members (regardless of membership level) can receive courtesy upgrades confirmed in advance (in accordance with the time period corresponding to each level) when traveling on any published airfare. For “Y” airfares, courtesy upgrades will be confirmed within 24 hours of submission of the “Request for Immediate Upgrade.” Platino members may confirm within 72 hours; Oro members, 48 hours; Plata members, 24 hours.

If one day prior to your flight you have not received confirmation of an upgrade, you can request it by presenting your Horizonte card when you check in for your flight.

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