American Express Membership Rewards – March, 29 2004

American Express Membership Rewards – March, 29 2004

Membership Rewards offers some very unique award opportunities, but its latest award opportunities are truly out of this world.

Membership Rewards members are now able to redeem points with Space Adventures Ltd., the world’s leading space flight experience and space tourism company, for any of three space packages.

For 1 million points, members can take off on a Zero-Gravity Flight. Those who partake of this award will not only dramatically lighten their mileage account, but they themselves will experience weightlessness by traveling in a specially-outfitted aircraft that is used to help train astronauts — known affectionately as “The Vomit Comet.”

The second Space Adventures award, the Edge of Space Flight, is available for 3 million points. With this option you will fly in a MiG-25 “Foxbat” supersonic jet at two-and-half times the speed of sound, and over 80,000 feet high, which will allow you to see the curvature of the earth and the darkness of space.

The third, and most Jetson-like, award is the Sub-Orbital Space Flight, which will run the wealthiest Membership Rewards members a mere 20 million points for a true trek into space. Though 20 million points is certainly a hefty fee, it may seem a small price to pay when you’re cruising 62 miles above the earth, enjoying the view.

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