Northwest WorldPerks – February, 25 2004

Northwest WorldPerks – February, 25 2004

The perks of WorldPerks keep getting better for Platinum Elite members who reside in North America. WorldPerks has just introduced a new promotion that allows Platinum Elite members to acquire more perks, such as upgrade certificates, bonus miles or WorldVacation gift certificates as they earn more elite-qualifying points.

Called the “Platinum Points” promotion, the offer runs through Feb. 28, 2005. Each time a member reaches a Platinum Elite point threshold, that member will receive an email notifying them of the additional perks available at their current threshold.

Members will earn qualifying Platinum Points for each flight — unfortunately, the good people at WorldPerks have elected not to count partner activity as qualifying activity for the purposes of this promotion. Nevertheless, members will earn 10 points for flying Northwest one-way domestically in Y or B fare class. Flying one-way in First class domestically will net 20 points; transatlantic or transpacific one-way travel in Economy class (Y or B) will earn members 30 points; members who fly World Business class on a paid Northwest or KLM flight in C or Z booking class earn 40 points for one-way travel; and 80 points will be awarded when a member travels in World Business (J) class.

Platinum Points are cumulative, and once a member earns 150 points (the first threshold point level), they will receive the only choice available at this level — 5,000 bonus miles.

The other point threshold levels have three or four options from which to choose. The second threshold is achieved at 300 points, and the member will be allowed to choose one of the following: 7,500 bonus miles, a $1,000 World Business class companion coupon or a 60-day WorldClub membership.

The third threshold is reached at 600 points, at which time the member can choose one of the following: 10,000 bonus miles, an international coach RuleBuster award at the standard award price, two one-way RuleBuster upgrades for international travel or four one-way confirmed domestic upgrades or two one-way upgrades to Hawaii.

And when a member reaches the fourth threshold at 1,200 points they get to choose from among the following: 25,000 bonus miles, a Silver Elite membership giveaway, two one-way confirmed system-wide upgrades, four one-way confirmed Hawaii upgrades or an international World Business class RuleBuster at the standard award price.

The fifth and final threshold is attained by earning 2,400 points, and members can choose from 50,000 bonus miles, a $1,000 Northwest Airlines WorldVacation Gift Certificate or Gold Elite Membership.

For members to qualify, they must subscribe to Northwest email, have a North American address and, of course, maintain Platinum Elite status.

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