Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

No, we’re not talking about the delectable, glistening pink lunchmeat in a can. If you’re like most online Americans, you’re tired of the hundreds of unsolicited emails — spam — that cross your desktop every day.

And to keep it to a minimum, many of you are using your business email address on Internet sites, or refusing to provide an email at all, in order to avoid a logjam of email at home. A recent poll conducted by Maritz Loyalty Marketing found that 56 percent of adults said they’d prefer to redeem loyalty program awards online. But the firm found that only a fifth of communications about such programs was accomplished through e-mail because so few people provided an address.

You might want to think twice though before pushing everything to your business email inbox.

Keep in mind that many legitimate businesses, including frequent flyer and frequent guest programs, depend on email to keep you informed of their latest promotions, or even to notify you of impending awards. And if you use your work address exclusively, their emails may be having a hard time breaking through the spam-protection software your company is using.

So while you may be enjoying some degree of freedom from hawkers of “natural enhancement” and cheap pharmaceuticals, you may also be missing important news from your loyalty program.

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