The Cellular Battleground

The Cellular Battleground

Want to know on what front the next big miles-and-points war will be staged? Look no further than that Nokia or other brand of cell phone you are toting around.

On Nov. 24, new rules will be instituted with regard to cellular service that will allow cell phone owners to change cell phone companies yet keep the same number. You can bet the various cellular plan providers will be looking for any advantage they can to keep their customer from straying — and miles, after all, are one of the cheapest and most effective forms of bribery for the typical frequent traveler.

While most of the offers will center on discounts and extended hours for weekend and off-peak periods, you might try asking for miles instead. Rumor has it the cell plan providers are already engaged in a mileage-arms race, and have bonus offers as large as 10,000 miles ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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