Jetsgo Introduces New Frequent Flyer Program

Jetsgo Introduces New Frequent Flyer Program

Canadian carrier Jetsgo has unveiled a new frequent flyer program — Jetsmiles — that looks like it may add some spice to the Canadian airline loyalty market.

The program divides flights into short, medium and long haul, which earn 300, 500 and 1,000 miles, respectively. One-way award flights can be redeemed for 7,000, 9,000 and 11,000 miles, respectively.

Most notable: The program is similar to the successful Southwest Rapid Rewards, which eliminates capacity controls in favor of blackout dates. Thus, even though certain key travel dates will be unavailable for award travel, there will be no arbitrary limit placed on award seats.

Jetsmiles takes the concept even one step further though, eliminating blackout dates as well. Instead, awards booked for high-travel periods will cost 50 percent more.

There are no advance booking requirements, booking fees or surcharges when using reward travel. Charges will only be payable for security taxes, and airport fees and taxes.

Until Oct. 12, all flights will earn double miles. Eligible Jetsmiles flights must be booked at

Travelers that were registered in Jetsgo’s former program, Simplifree, who have accumulated enough flight segments to redeem a free flight must complete their travel by Oct. 31, or their flight segments will expire. Former Simplifree users will have any surplus flight segments not equal to a free flight transferred to Jetsmiles at a rate of 300 miles per flight segment.

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