American AAdvantage – July, 28 2003

American AAdvantage – July, 28 2003

Many AAdvantage members may remember the last time Kellogg’s and American partnered up for a contest.

The results were thousands of unhappy winners — unhappy that they were not really winners. Thanks to a computer glitch, thousands were erroneously notified that they had won the grand prize — 25,000 miles. However, many did make out with 500 free AAdvantage miles as a way of apology from Kelloggs. Not a bad deal for a bunch of “losers.”

This time around, AAdvantage members have a chance to win a free weekend trip to one of seven cities by entering the Great American Getaway contest. The winners will receive free transportation, hotel accommodations and a CityPass, which provides free admission to major attractions in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston or Seattle. The Great American Getaway rules require you to send in five 100 AAdvantage mile certificates found on specially-marked Kellogg’s cereal boxes to enter.

The contest does not officially end until March 2005. However, there are only 16 packages available to each city, and the more times you enter, the better your odds of winning. And who knows, they might mess up again and have to send everyone 500 more miles.

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