United Looks for a Few Good Elites

United Looks for a Few Good Elites

Premier United Mileage Plus members can earn as many as 29,000 elite qualifying miles with United’s latest offer.

Here’s the deal:
Premier members can earn 3,000 elite qualifying miles just for faxing Mileage Plus one of their frequent flyer statements from a competing program.

Members will earn 2,000 bonus miles that qualify toward elite status for every incremental United segment (more segments in offer period versus 01/03-03/03) they fly between May 15 and August 15, 2003.

And perhaps best of all, members will receive two free personalized luggage tags just for registering for this promotion.

The only downside, the 3,000 elite qualifying miles will not count for award redemption, they will only count towards elite qualification.

This offer is only available to Premier members. To register for the promotion, qualified members can go to http://www.unitedgreatoffer.com.

It’s certainly nice to see Mileage Plus getting back in the game after experiencing several months of negativity. We’re sure their members are happy also.

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