Some Programs Temporarily Waiving Mileage Redeposit Fees

Some Programs Temporarily Waiving Mileage Redeposit Fees

Over the past several weeks, many airlines have announced flexible travel policies allowing members to make changes to paid itineraries without incurring standard waiver fees. As tensions have risen, many of the frequent travel programs have followed the airlines’ lead and are now implementing similar policies for those with planned travel on award tickets.

Below is a list of some programs that have announced fee waiver policies on award travel and a brief summary of the associated restrictions:

  • American AAdvantage: AAdvantage is mirroring the revenue change fee waiver policy. Members will be allowed a one-time change to date/time/destination and a one-time reinstatement of miles without a fee. For members who are in the military and are called to active duty, there is no limit on the number of mileage reinstatements allowed.
  • Delta SkyMiles: SkyMiles is waiving fees and providing additional benefits for members who find themselves in various stages of travel planning/activity. For complete details go to
  • Lufthansa Miles & More: Miles & More will waive the service charge for members who cancel an award ticket or who wish to re-book. Flights may only be re-booked onto another Miles & More airline partner. The special provision is valid for Lufthansa flights to/from the USA and Canada and is initially restricted to a period of two months for postponement of travel.
  • Midwest Express Midwest Miles: Customers will be allowed a one-time change to their travel plans without paying the standard change fee. Customers must reschedule or cancel their travel prior to the original departure of their flight. This policy applies only to tickets redeemed before military action or a Level Red Alert is declared.
  • Northwest WorldPerks: Customers who were scheduled to travel domestically within 60 days of the onset of military action can redeposit their miles one time without a fee. Customers scheduled to travel internationally within 90 days of military action can also redeposit miles one time without a fee.
  • US Airways Dividend Miles: Per US Airways’ “Peace of Mind” flexible travel policy, Dividend Miles members who were issued award tickets on or before April 2 for travel from March 19-June 17, 2003 will be able to reschedule travel without incurring change reissue or redeposit fees.
  • United Mileage Plus: Members can change their award itinerary and/or redeposit their miles without a fee.
  • Virgin flying club: Virgin will waive mileage redeposit fees for customers who change their travel plans and rebook by May 31 for travel by Dec. 31, 2003.

For full rules and conditions regarding any of these programs’ policies, contact the program directly before your scheduled flight.

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