LatinPass Goes Global

LatinPass Goes Global

It’s about time!

Though we’ve been expecting it for months, it was only last month that AvGroup CEO Guy Booth announced that the formal agreement for the purchase of LatinPass by AvGroup has been signed by the Latin Air Carrier owners, clearing the way for the re-branding of LatinPass.

On Jan. 2, LatinPass extended the scope of its operation beyond Latin America to include the world-wide loyalty market, under the name GlobalPass.

LatinPass was formed in 1994 and launched in 1995 to provide member Latin Airlines a targeted loyalty program. The program was conceived by the AvGroup and has been operated and managed by the group since inception.

The former owners are now free to pursue alliances with other carriers while remaining a participant of GlobalPass and GlobalPass is free to add benefits for its members.

On the heels of its re-branding, GlobalPass has lost the participation of Panama City-based Copa Airlines. Members are no longer able to accumulate GlobalPass miles on Copa flights. However, until June 9, Copa Airlines will allow GlobalPass members to claim any retroactive or previously earned miles that have not been credited.

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