Cash In and Save

Cash In and Save

If you have yet to get back in the habit of shopping on the new Web site, it’s time to have another look. On Feb. 4, ClickRewards is going to have a catalog sale of its awards. While it’s not likely that miles with American and US Airways will be on sale, other awards will likely be reduced by as much as 35 percent.

In researching this news, we came across something else you might find intriguing. ClickRewards is currently offering several double and triple mile earning opportunities, as well as a couple of promotions called Point Rewards and Action Rewards. Point Rewards are a collection of bonus offers for first-time purchases. One example; you can earn 500 ClickMiles when subscribing to The New York Times.

Action Rewards are bonuses that require no purchase at all. As an example, with Action Rewards, if you sign up for you will earn 200 ClickMiles; another 25 ClickMiles for registering with and yet another 350 ClickMiles for registering with Netflix. Total for a few minutes of paperwork: 575 miles.

The new ClickRewards just may be worth a few minutes of your time to earn a few more miles.

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