Urgent: Emerald Club Members

Urgent: Emerald Club Members

Way back in 1999, National Car Rental took the startling and unwelcome step of joining the ranks of the mediocre. In the same year that airlines were eliminating expiring miles, National simultaneously knocked off the top tier of its award chart, reduced the amount of mileage earned by half and slapped an expiration date on original Emerald Club reward points.

And guess when those points expire? If you guessed Dec. 31 of this year, you’re right on the money.

The original points-earning Emerald Club was short-lived. That fact, coupled with the fact that membership cost $50 a year, means that the number of original members is probably comparatively small. Still, there are unused points out there that will die an ignominious death very shortly — at last count, for example, our very own Randy Petersen has 15,000 points at stake to lose. So consider yourself warned.

View National’s award chart.

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