Alaska Shifts the Goal Posts

Alaska Shifts the Goal Posts

At the same time that Alaska Airlines is adding flights, Alaska Mileage Plan is cutting back on what it offers to its members.

Beginning April 30, MVPs will see the generous 10,000-mile bonus for every 10,000 miles flown privilege go the way of the Aviators’ program. Now members will have to fly 75,000 miles to get 50,000 bonus miles.

Also, first-class bonus miles will only be awarded when a first-class ticket is purchased and will no longer be given for complimentary, redemptive or paid upgrades.

And effective April 30, the cost of an upgrade will increase to 10,000 miles — exactly twice the current cost!

Mileage qualification levels to attain MVP Gold status have been bumped up to 50,000 miles for flights on Alaska, American, Horizon, Northwest, KLM and LanChile. It is still possible to earn MVP Gold status at 35,000 miles with qualifying flights on Alaska or Horizon Air.

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