Air Jamaica 7th Heaven

Air Jamaica 7th Heaven

Through Feb. 14, 2002, Air Jamaica 7th Heaven members can redeem 10 credits for first-class travel and four credits for economy-class travel. When you consider that the normal requirement for travel between the U.S. West Coast and the Caribbean is 21 credits for first class and 10 for economy, this has to be considered a pretty good deal.

Eligible routes for the 10/4 promotion include: from Jamaica or the Caribbean for travel to Boston, Houston, Phoenix, Belize or Curacao; from all U.S. gateways for travel to Belize or Curacao; and from Belize or Curacao to Jamaica, the Caribbean or all U.S. gateways.

Air Jamaica members can also redeem credits instead of miles for travel on Delta Air Lines. Seven credits will take you anywhere within the United States in economy class and 14 credits will buy you a business-class ticket to anywhere within the United States or an economy ticket between the Caribbean or the United States and Europe, South America or Hawaii. Although Air Jamaica offers awards at 50 percent, partner awards are for roundtrip travel only.

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