Qatar Airways celebrates Skytrax award with extended Qmiles deal + added destinations (Up to 50% off!)

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Qatar Airways rewards their Privilege Club customers with some great award travel bargains.

A special edition of Qatar Airways “Easy Deals” is now live, celebrating that Qatar Airways – for the 5th time – has been named by Skytrax as “Best Airline in the world”. Easy Deals are usually only bookable during a 15-day window for a travel period of 2 months. However this time you can book these deals until July 31, 2019 and the travel period stretches from now until November 30, 2019.

Qatar Airways has also increased their selection of destinations for this special edition of Easy Deals, offering a wide variety of options in both Economy and Business Class. No need to worry that you won’t find anywhere interesting!

What is Easy Deals?

Every two weeks, Qatar Airways launches a new edition of Easy Deals, offering the chance to book Qmiles award flights to select destinations at a discount that can reach 50%. The destinations vary from edition to edition. However the booking window is usually 15 days long, and you will be able to travel during a period of two months. Sometimes that 2 month period starts immediately. Occasionally the 2-month window takes place in the future. 

These deals are only available on Qatar Airways own flights, and for Qatar Privilege Club Loyalty program members spending Qmiles. The discounts only apply between Doha and the selected destination so, unless you live in Doha, you’ll need to combine two discounted destinations for maximum benefit.

Up to 50% discount!

All destinations are discounted by 30-50% in this edition. If you fancy bringing your partner or friend, both of you could travel for what would normally be the cost of one award. If you want to travel more frequently on your own, you can for instance fly Business Class to both Phuket and Hanoi with a 50% discount. See the full range of destinations and discounts, by clicking here!

There is an especially large selection of potential destinations in Business Class, with a 50% discount available. This makes a great occasion for trying out Qatar Airways’ award-winning Business Class, the best in the world according to Skytrax. Choose your aircraft appropriately and you’ll be enjoying a QSuite business class seat.

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You can see the full list of destinations available below (note that there are 2 sets of travel dates, with different destinations and discounts available).

7th July to 31st August:
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1st September to 30th November:
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The discounts apply per leg, between the origin/destination and Doha. So, for example, if you booked Philadelphia to Hanoi in Business Class during the first set of travel dates, your actual discount would average out at about 38%. That’s because you would save 30% on the Philadelphia-Doha leg, and 50% on the Doha to Hanoi leg.

If you don’t have enough Qmiles there is always the option to ‘buy’ Qmiles or you could opt for a Qmiles + Cash option if you have 50% of the required Qmiles.

To take advantage of this offer, use the discount code SKYTRAX19 when booking online.

Terms and Conditions

You can read the terms and conditions of this offer, on Qatar Airways’ Campaign page, by clicking on this link. Not a Privilege Club member yet? You can sign up here.