Last Chance: Get up to 28,000 Bonus AAdvantage Miles when You Buy or Gift Miles

Get up to 28,000 bonus AAdvantage miles when purchasing by Nov. 12.

This is your last chance to get more miles when buying or giving American AAdvantage miles. The offer ends 11pm CT on Nov. 12, 2014.

You must purchase at least 12,000 miles and can receive the following bonuses:

Up to 28,000 AAdvantage bonus miles
AAdvantage Bonus Offer








Each AAdvantage member is limited to purchasing or receiving no more than 80,000 miles in a calendar year.

Purchasing 12,000 miles (plus 3,000 bonus miles for a total 15,000 miles) is $330. If you max out at 80,000 miles (plus 28,000 bonus miles for a total 108,000 miles), the cost is $2,200.

Click HERE to buy miles.

INSIDE|Point: Buy miles only when you have a specific award in mind and are ready to book.

28,000 AAdvantage bonus miles

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