Compare Loyalty Programs

Compare Loyalty Programs

Compare Loyalty Programs is an online tool designed to help loyalty program members in Canada find the best loyalty program for their lifestyle and preferred awards. The website compiles the latest credit card and loyalty program information and attempts to take some of the guesswork out of the process for consumers who are looking to maximize their earning ability and earn awards faster.

The website’s metrics are based on research conducted by Environics Research Group that suggests that a loyalty program’s worth is not merely a factor of the value of the award obtained by redeeming the points earned. Instead of comparing loyalty programs based on a single component, such as the value of the award, Compare Loyalty Programs aims to compare the most popular loyalty programs in Canada on a new metric they call “time to reward”. A “time to reward” metric takes a more holistic approach to comparing loyalty programs and allows individuals to assess the value of a loyalty program in terms that may be more meaningful to them — such as how long it will take to achieve their desired award.

The simple design of the home page has more the look and feel of an app than a website and allows users to gain a quick understanding of the purpose of the site. With just two buttons in the middle of the page, users can choose to Read the Research to learn more about the research on loyalty programs in Canada or Take the Test to start the three-step process to receive a recommendation for the most beneficial Canadian loyalty programs based on preferred awards and shopping habits. Once the test begins, you are asked to identify your province of primary residence followed by a questionnaire where you are asked to input your average monthly spend in eight categories: Clothing and Accessories; General Merchandise, Restaurants/Dining; Automotive Services/Fuel; Health, Beauty and Personal Care; Home/Office Goods; Grocery, Drugstore and Liquor; and Travel and Accommodations. Next to each category an average consumer monthly spend amount is provided as a reference point. The third step asks whether you prefer cash equivalent, merchandise or flight awards from your loyalty program as well as which airline you fly most frequently, whether or not you would sign up for a credit card associated with a loyalty program and your current employment status. The website then guides you to the next screen where your personalized recommendations are displayed with an explanation that results are based on the program that will provide the fastest route for you to reach $100 worth of awards in each of the flight, merchandise and cash equivalent awards categories. If you’d like to adjust any of your previous answers, you can return to the test or take the test again.

Although we don’t reside in Canada, when we tried out the website, we felt that its recommendations were spot on. It would be good if more than three recommendations were offered or if links were provided to apply for credit cards or enroll in loyalty programs.

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