United Airlines Cease and Desist

United Airlines Cease and Desist

Adding to a trend in the industry, United Airlines has sent cease and desist letters to some third-party mileage tracking websites, including TripIt and AwardWallet. TripIt Pro sent an email to its subscribers to inform them that they will no longer be able to track the mileage accounts of United MileagePlus members.

In their email to subscribers, AwardWallet.com said that they are in discussions with United Airlines to establish a business relationship with them but nothing has been agreed upon or formalized as of yet. AwardWallet users can forward their United statements and reservations to their personal AwardWallet email address, [Your AwardWallet Login Name]@AwardWallet.com, or update their United profile with this email address in order to update their AwardWallet account. UsingMiles.com seems to have worked out an agreement with United since it is still displaying United Airlines membership data. A spokesperson for United has said that the airline will work with those organizations seeking to extract data from united.com on behalf of United’s customers, “… in order to ensure compliance with the terms, conditions and legal notices contained on united.com” and to ensure the information is safely and securely accessed.

Bottom line: United Airlines joins American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines in not allowing non-partner, third-party mileage tracking sites to access member data.

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