Free Seat Alert

Free Seat Alert, a paid service used by frequent flyers to find award seats now offers a new, free, feature for Seat Alerts. When you sign up at ExpertFlyer, you can set an alert on a flight that is completely booked and be alerted via text or email when a seat becomes available on that flight–at no cost.

This will come in handy when you are looking for an award seat or when you are booked in the dreaded middle seat and want to move to an aisle or window seat. When setting up the Seat Alerts feature, you can select “Any Aisle”, “Any Window” or “Any Seat” option to be automatically notified when a seat opens up. Additional notification options are available including any exit row seat, any two seats together and other specific seats a traveler may wish for.

The Seat Alerts feature currently monitors more than 120 airlines worldwide but the free seat alert service can only be placed on one flight at a time. If you want more active alerts, the cost is $.99 each and paid subscribers to ExpertFlyer will be able to set several alerts up at one time at no additional cost. Paid ExpertFlyer subscribers can choose from a basic Pro Plan for $4.99 a month or a premium Pro Plan for $9.99 a month or you can get 12 months of service for $99.99 (a $20 discount compared to paying monthly). Visit and read this month’s 60 Seconds with ExpertFlyer’s President and co-founder, Chris Lopinto to learn more.

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