Opening Remarks – October, 24 2011

Opening Remarks – October, 24 2011

Like many others, I was saddened by the recent loss of Steve Jobs. While I would have enjoyed the opportunity to thank him in the life we currently live, that opportunity has been taken from me. But the impact he had on what now has become a worldwide community of frequent travelers and my path to having the best job in the world means I can’t let go without a salute.

The sadness I feel equals my gratitude for the inspiration that the original Mac Plus gave me as a fledgling publisher. Would I have dared to start a newsletter in 1986 about the topic of miles and points? Most certainly not. Would there be a FlyerTalk or milepoint today if not for that original Mac Plus? Most certainly not. Clearly others have come along, but not FlyerTalk and not milepoint. Funny how that boxy computer with the smile was the impetus to much of how my life has turned out. In essence, it allowed me to design my own life.

And over the years, some of his words have given me much to reflect upon. One comment in particular stands out for me. When I was toiling with the idea and launch of FlyerTalk, I kept finding myself alone with the idea–there was no indication of need, there was no indication it would work and there was no indication it would change the world (for frequent flyers anyway). But it was a comment he made in Wired magazine in 1996 that pushed me beyond those hurdles. The comment: “Things don’t have to change the world to be important.”

While my introduction to Apple initially was the result of business, it became personal. Thank you, Steve.

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