Alaska Airlines Virtual Assistant

Alaska Airlines Virtual Assistant

Alaska Airlines was the first airline to offer online ticketing in 1995, Web check-in in 1999 and its award-winning Web site consistently ranks at the top in the Freddie Awards. So we weren’t surprised to see the latest online tool on their Web site — a new virtual assistant that can help answer questions and guide visitors to more information.

The computer avatar “Jenn” responds to your inquiries and can answer hundreds of common questions and direct you to the appropriate Web page.

To ask Jenn a question, click the “Ask Jenn” link on the toolbar at She will answer your question verbally and in writing and the relevant Web page will appear on your screen. She can easily answer questions about booking awards, direct you to award charts to see how many miles you’ll need for a particular flight and partner airlines. You can also ask her questions about her hobbies, favorite foods and where she lives. While Jenn can’t help with complicated questions, she does offer a virtual version of customer service. Ann Ardizzone, Alaska’s managing director of customer experience, explains “Jenn offers customers a more personalized, engaging experience online, while quickly connecting them with the site’s most relevant information.”

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