The 18th Annual Freddie Awards

The 18th Annual Freddie Awards

Welcome to the 18th annual Freddie Awards.

Just five years ago, the Freddies attracted more than 160,000 voters. In this year’s balloting, we attracted nearly 400,000 voters — an increase of nearly 150 percent. This type of growth in the popularity of the Freddies comes with the cooperation of the industry, which, as in years past, helped us “get out the vote.” Their efforts are very much appreciated and we are delighted that they share an interest in knowing what’s on the minds of their members.

With this year’s event, we honor the 25th anniversary of frequent flyer programs and their legacy for the members of these programs. For their 25 years, we salute American AAdvantage, United Mileage Plus, Delta Frequent Flyer/SkyMiles and Northwest Free Flight Plan/WorldPerks, whose legacies have endured time and the challenges of their members.

As with every year, it’s the opinions of the members themselves that determine the results of the Freddies — members who might be 100,000-mile-a-year flyers, who might stay 243 nights a year in hotels, some who have learned to leverage a mileage run for basic elite status or figured out that paying all their expenses with a credit card can earn them a free award to Hawaii. And the best programs for all these activities? Yes, it is an individual determination, and when we compile the “best” of nearly 400,000 members of these programs, it can and does tell us something.

A reminder: Some programs you may favor are not listed in these results. It is the long standing policy of the Freddie Awards that in order for any program to earn a Freddie Award, that program must garner at least one percent of the total votes within a particular category.

Also, the winners are determined by the highest ValueVote — a rating members give from one to 10, 10 being the best.

So, without further ado, please click on the related sidebars to find out all the winners and to see how close the voting was.

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