Surf over to ThisPlasticIsFantastic

Surf over to ThisPlasticIsFantastic

Everyone, particularly the frequent traveler, is bombarded with offers from credit card companies to apply for their cards. A new Web site, , helps you to be up-to-date with the news, read all the information and compare the benefits of each card in one place before you make your choice.

Internet marketing firm Unicorn Multi Media launched the site in order to collect all the newsworthy events from the world of credit cards along with the best offers from many credit card issuer companies.

ThisPlasticIsFantastic’s behind-the-scenes engine collects and runs through all the news available on the Internet by reliable sources such as Yahoo! News, then sorts out the relevant articles. News displayed on the home page are refreshed several times a day.

One of the advantages of online comparison directories is that the visitor can find the credit cards grouped to categories like reward credit cards, low APR credit cards or frequent flyer credit cards.

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