Marriott Offers 10-Percent Off Its Top Retail Items

Marriott Offers 10-Percent Off Its Top Retail Items

Through Sept. 30, Marriott Rewards is offering members 10 percent off the point price of its 10 most popular merchandise rewards.

Options range from a Dooney bucket satchel bag (59,400 points, down from 66,000) to a Sony DVD/VHS combo (74,700 points, down from 83,000).

What sort of deal are you looking at? It varies by item. The Toshiba Tecra m2v-s310 notebook — a solid, relatively inexpensive laptop computer — was 360,000 points, and now runs for 324,000 points. PC World claims its “street value” to be about $1,449.

Translated into Rewards currency, that means your points were worth about .4 cents each, and now are worth about .45 cents.

With the Nikon 8700 CoolPix digital camera, you’re looking at an MSRP of about $999.95. At 10 percent off, your point value on this item is about .57 cents, up from .52.

And it would appear that Marriott Rewards members love their electronics: Outside the satchel bag, the entire list of top-10 favorites consists of gizmos. In addition to the products already named, the list includes a Sony DVD/VHS combo; a Panasonic 7-inch portable DVD player; a Sony DVD Dream System; A Toshiba 24-inch TV/DVD/VCR combo; a Hitachi DVD camcorder; a Sony 36-inch Wega TV; and a Hitachi 51-inch wide-screen TV.

Will the sale change your world? Probably not. But 10 percent off is 10 percent off.

Simply go to to view the 10 member favorites, and start saving today.

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