JetConnect Keeps Flyers Connected

JetConnect Keeps Flyers Connected

Not everyone who wants Internet access at 30,000 feet is looking for the latest video games. Most folks just want to be able to access their email accounts.

Enter JetConnect, the next best thing to actually surfing the Internet. JetConnect Inflight Service offers news, stock quotes and weather, updated approximately every 15 minutes. Passengers with laptop computers can access an unlimited wealth of information and activities via a connection to the Verizon Airfone handset. Instant Messaging and Text Messaging are available in real-time. At a flat rate of $5.99 USD per flight segment, it’s not a bad deal.

OK, OK, it’s still not “real” email access, but Verizon says that’s in development for a future stage.

Be sure to check out JetConnect, currently available on Boeing 757s over the North American continent.

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