Dividend Miles Rated "A" for E-Effort

Dividend Miles Rated "A" for E-Effort

Since US Airways introduced Dividend Miles E-Upgrades late last year, members have exchanged more than 500,000 paper upgrades for E-Upgrades. The new 500-mile E-Upgrades are segment-based and valid on US Airways within North America, the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America.

Beginning March 1, 2003, Dividend Miles Silver Preferred members will earn four E-Upgrades for every 10,000 qualifying miles they fly and Gold Preferred members will receive eight E-Upgrades for every 10,000 miles. Chairman’s Preferred members will continue to receive unlimited E-Upgrades.

US Airways has also automated the process of clearing upgrade requests. Members now can request upgrade space at the time they make their booking through either usairways.com or US Airways reservations. Members will be automatically cleared according to applicable upgrade rules based on elite membership level and fare type.

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