US Airways Grand Slam 2011 Other Partners

Nov 1, 2011
US Airways Grand Slam 2011 Other Partners
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    The Dividend Miles Shopping Mall is just one way to earn one hit. Most other partner links are found on the Partner Promotions and Get Miles pages. From the Get Miles page, the All Partner Offers link is particularly useful. (Not all partners are participating in this promo.)

    Other Partners/Hits
    21st Century Auto Insurance (Link)
    • Miles earned for requesting a free quote for a service are ineligible.
    • Offer not available in the states of GA, HI, MA, NC, NY, OH and WI.
    • Earns a GS hit and a total of 2,200 miles only if you switch your auto insurance.
    1800Flowers (Link) (search keywords: 1-800-flowers 800flowers 800 flowers 800-flowers)
    • Gifts such as a bell Christmas ornament are were available for $14.99 with free shipping.
    • Search for "book" to find a book for $9.99 + $4.99 shipping = $14.98.
    • Avoid items which say they are not eligible for promo codes. (The $12.99 Wedgewood basket is ineligible, though it was eligible for part of the first day.)
    • On the final check-out page where you add your DM number, be sure to click "Apply" before confirming your purchase. It should then verify that you will earn miles.
    • See the link above for a new "Grand Slam special offer" through 11/14 for 20 miles/$ with promo code U44.
    • Billing name must match the name on the DM account.
    • It appears that purchases from the other companies on the website also will qualify because the transaction still posts to US as being from 1-800-FLOWERS. Fannie May Peanut Brittle is $11.99 + $7.99 shipping = $19.98.
    • It is rumored that miles can be earned on no-promo items by removing the promo code and applying only your USDM number. YMMV. It's a risk.
    AAA Carolinas Auto Club-- no longer participating as of 9/22/2011.
    • Some people have received offers by mail to earn miles for joining. Residents of the Carolinas could call AAA to inquire about such an offer.
    • On 9/22/2011, this partner was removed from the GS11 rules and T&Cs. This partner will probably not generate a GS hit. YMMV.
    Audience Rewards (Link)
    Biscoff (Link)
    • French trial pack assortment $10.95 + $5 shipping (search for "trial")
    • Anna's Trial Size Assortment. $8.47 $12.95 + $5 shipping. (price increased 9/26/2011.)
    • Biscoff Spread (Two 28oz jars) $12.95 $13.95 + $5 shipping.
    • Biscoff Spread (100 individual 0.7oz cups) $15.78 + $5 shipping. (price increased 9/26/2011)
    • Wreath Box with Ribbon (includes Biscoff cookies) $12.47 + $5 shipping.
    • Earn 250 miles and 1 mile for every $1 you spend on all Gourmet Center purchases when you used the link (This is different from which gives a straight 3 miles/$.)
    • Expect additional price changes and sales each week?
    Dish Network (Link)
    • New subscriptions only. Cannot cancel before May 15, 2012. Plan to be subscribed for at least 6 months, depending on when you subscribe.
    Dividend Miles Dining (Link)
    • New members and current members who currently do not have a profile to allow emails can sign up for a bonus to earn 500 miles for their first and second dining purchases over $25 within 45 days.
    Dividend Miles Shopping Mall (Not SkyMall)(see listing in next section below)

    e-Miles (Link)
    • "It's absolutely free. As a member of e-Miles, you can earn free miles in just minutes a day simply by reading and responding to marketing messages based on your preferences."
    • You must earn 500 e-Miles to convert them to Dividend Miles. A new member can sign up and earn about 300 e-Miles that same day.
    Energy Plus (Link)
    • New subscriptions only. Cannot cancel before May 15, 2012.
    e-Rewards (Link)
    • If you don't already have a membership with the capability of transferring to USDM, then you need to get an invitation from a sponsor company. Existing e-rewards members do not have the capability to invite others themselves.
    • If you need an invitation search your email to see if you might have gotten one in the past from US or another airline/hotel/vendor.
    • says, "Membership is by invitation only. Update your profile to receive Dividend Miles News & Offers and you could receive an invitation to join e-Rewards."
    • Deadline to request transfer: About a week before Grand Slam ends? Transfers are posting with an activity date about 5 days after when the transfer was actually requested.
    • If you still need an invitation after searching your own email for invitations, ask if anyone you know has an invitation that they can send to you. They seem to be transferable and reusable.
    • Enrollments sponsored by some other airlines (such as Delta) do not allow deposits to US.
    • You need $25 in e-Rewards credit to redeem for 500 US DM miles. or (counts as 1 partner) (Links: FTD or Florist)
    • If you're spending less than $50 before shipping, there's a better promo from the June e-Saver email: gives 20 miles/$ spent + 250 bonus miles.
    • From the US DM Platinum Elite Exclusive offers: Earn 20 miles for every $1 you spend, plus get 300 bonus miles with FTD. Go to or call 800-SEND-FTD and use promo code 19194.
    getAbstract (Link)
    • Requires a 6 - 12 month subscription. Cannot cancel before May 15, 2012.
    • $179+
    Lasik Plus (Link)
    • surgical procedure only
    • You will NOT get a hit with the 1,000 miles just for attending a free LASIK vision exam.
    LifeLock (Link)
    • annual membership only. $99. Earns 3K miles.
    • 10/31/2011 new promo: $99 earns 4K miles. "Just be sure to use promo code TRAVEL60 and include your Dividend Miles number."
    Life Shield(Link?)
    • Requires a 3-year contract? Cannot cancel before May 15, 2012?
    Magazines for Miles (Link or
    • Redeem miles for magazines.
    • Do not purchase magazines with money! The T&Cs do not indicate that a paid subscription will qualify as a hit.
    • Magazines are available for as little as 400 miles.
    • List of magazines and their mileage cost (as of 9/14/2011).
    • You can check your magazine order status with this link. (It even shows the estimated date of delivery for the first issue.)
    • This partner may run out of some magazines without notifying you quickly. If points are not taken from your account, then consider your subscription at risk of being cancelled and consider selecting a different magazine. Points have been deducted within a day for some successful subscriptions.
    Netflix (Link)
    • New subscriptions only? Cannot cancel before May 15, 2012.
    Network Solutions (Link)
    • 2-year email address for $37.98 and earns 1K miles. It would seem that you have to own a domain for which you could configure such an email address. It might be that you can complete this purchase and never configure it.
    • If the site won't accept your USDM number, trying adding up to seven zeros to the beginning. Someone else has reported that adding "US" to the beginning will work.
    • It appears that discount code RETAIL70AF is being honored at the same time for 70% off of a new 3-year domain purchase for total price of $26.09. Earns 2K miles. Optional private registration is an additional $49.95.
    • 9/22/2011: Customer service reports that a domain purchase will only earn 1K miles even though the website still promises 2K. Be sure to take screen prints.
    • It would be best to complete your transaction from a US location or routed through a US VPN connection to get a US IP address. This partner has been cancelling many purchases made from computers outside the US. (Link)
    • 9/22/2011: Site fixed! There is now a field on the first page for you to enter your USDM number!
    • Spend $50 to get free shipping.
    • There is some uneasiness about how to get miles since there is no place on to enter your DM number. The best guess is to log into before following the link from the webpage.
    • 9/22/2011: Customer support says that they are working on fixes for this site and that it may take a few days to get it resolved. If you follow the link from the US site for this purchase and do not get your US miles, follow up with OM customer service to request that they be posted to your US account.
    • A service of LendingTree. Offers may vary for selecting a loan or Realtor.
    • Participation is mentioned in the official GS11 T&Cs, though it is not found in the Rules.
    Select Warranty (Link)
    • Miles earned for requesting a free quote for a service are ineligible.
    Sentry Insurance (Link)
    • Miles earned for requesting a free quote for a service are ineligible.
    • The link on the US page seems to be broken. Try this one?
    • Open to all residents residing in the states of: AZ, CO, IL, IN, KS, MN, OH, TN and WI, age 18 and older. Current Sentry Insurance customers might be excluded?
    ShareBuilder (Link)
    • New subscriptions only? Cannot cancel before May 15, 2012.
    • If your USDM number has letters, enter them in UPPERCASE.
    SkyMall (Link)
    • Cheapest hits are just under $10 including shipping that starts at $7.25.
    • "9v Alkaline Battery" (item number 352659) is 99 cents + shipping. Buy 2 if you want the comfort of being above $1. (Caution: some of the 9v battery orders have gotten cancelled.)
    • To search all items by price, put an asterisk (*) in the search box and then sort by price low-to-high. (This will not directly find some special items, though.)
    • Use the link from the page so that you are given the opportunity to enter your USDM number at checkout. Be sure to "apply" your USDM number. The final Submit button might be halfway hidden behind a US logo on the final checkout page.
    • Special items to consider: Extra Joist Finding Screw $2.19, Slip-on Adaptor Plug $2.85
    • 9/22/2011: Out of stock: Christmas dog collar.
    SuperShuttle & ExecuCar (counts as 1 partner) (Link)
    • Can be combined with $-off discount codes.
    • For some current SuperShuttle codes, check Twitter.
    • Code LN7W3 may take off $2 one-way or $4 RT.
    • Code UYR59 takes off $3 one-way.
    • Can be completed without showing up at a few locations. YMMV.
    • Cannot cancel before May 15, 2012.
    • Requires a minimum deposit of $2,500.
    Teleflora (Link)
    • Lowest cost option is $44.98 including $14.99 shipping and earning 750 miles.
    Thanks Again (Link)
    • Get 100 miles for registering, liking them on Facebook, and emailing them to tell them that you did so. (First 10K people only.)
    • Purchase a certificate through them for about $1 after applying an 80%-off discount code. (Codes change frequently. Promo code "SAVE" expires 9/14, but another will surely be along soon.)
      • promo code WOW saves 90% through 9/29/2011. A $10 cert can cost $1.00 with this code.
      • Expect an 80% and/or 90%-off code around the end of each month.
      • Be sure to pay with your credit card -- not PayPal.
    • Many airport parking lots operated by Republic Parking are Thanks Again retailers. A bottle of water from a participating airport store could work. There are many easy ways for most U.S. travelers to get a hit.
    • $2 gets 2 US DM miles via Groupon when a Blockbuster Express offer is purchased through the Thanks Again link. Offer valid 10/3 - 10/6/2011. (see post #984) (Link)
    • Cheapest purchase costs $19.99 + $4.95 shipping = $24.94 and earns 500 miles.
    • Credit card processor is in Canada and charges credit card in Canadian dollars. Beware of possible foreign exchange fees by your credit card.
    US Airways Cruises (Link)

    USA Today (Link)
    • New subscription only. Cannot cancel before May 15, 2012.
    • 7 month subscription cost: $139.65 and earns 1,600 miles.
    • Subscriptions are actually billed in 4-week periods, so they are slightly shorter than a "month."
    Verizon Wireless (Link)
    • Requires a 2-year contract through third-party reseller Tranzmobile. Earns 5K miles.
    • If your USDM number has letters, enter them in UPPERCASE.
    Vinesse (Link)
    • It appears that only club memberships will qualify this year. Cannot cancel before May 15, 2012.
    • It's unclear whether existing memberships will get a hit. (See the T&Cs below about non-qualifying partner activity.)
    • sc801 got clarification from US about Vinesse in post #466 of the main GS11 thread. Existing members will get a hit as long as they have a purchase during the promotion period.
    • It appears that DM members might can also get the 5 miles per dollar for wine purchases without joining one of the clubs. Based on the T&Cs of the offer, it seems that no miles are given for non-wine purchases.
    • It appears that non-wine purchases will earn 5 miles per dollar , but it is unclear whether they will earn and a hit.
    • 9/27/2011: New promo sent to earn 5K miles and a special gift for new American Cellars Wine Club members. (Requires remaining as a subscribed member until at least May 15, 2011. See service cancellation policy notes below.)
    Wine Insiders (Link)
    • It appears that a monthly membership is not required. Currently, the only option for miles appears to be to get the 12-bottle sampler for $83.88 + $0.01 shipping. Earns 1,336 miles. (1K + 4 miles per dollar.)
    • For the Wine Insiders / US DM T&Cs, see the Disclaimer page. ("Bonus and Base Miles are limited to co-branded US Airways & Wine Insiders promotions and are not awarded on subsequent transactions placed directly with Wine Insiders.")
    • This offer CANNOT be combined with a Groupon offer.
    • From the Disclaimer page: "Please allow 6-8 weeks for mileage to be posted to your Dividend Miles account."
    Hilton Grand Vacations Club Ownership

    Marriott Vacation Club (ownership purchase)

    Starwood Vacations Ownership


    Buy miles at or (Link)
    • Cost of 1K miles from is $27.50 + tax.
    • On 10/6/2011, US raised their price to buy miles. The new cost is $35.00 + tax for 1K miles.
    • Buy miles by September 15, 2011 and get 10,000 bonus miles for every 10,000 miles purchased. ($275 gets 20K total.) Deadline: 9/15/2011 11:59pm MT. (Expired 9/15/2011)
    • Prices do not include a tax recovery charge of 7.5%
    Share miles at or (Link (Link
    • Both members get a hit from the same transaction for sharing miles.
    • From the official FAQ:
      Q: If I share miles with another Dividend Miles member, will we both get a hit?
      A: Yes. When you share miles, they are moved from one account and into another. However, you can only earn a hit once, regardless of whether you give or receive miles.
    • Miles are shared for $0.01 per mile plus a processing fee of $30 and a tax recovery charge of 7.5%.
    • The cost to share 1,000 miles is $40.75 (including taxes/fees)*
    • When calculating the cost of this transaction for two people who need a hit, split the cost between both members.
    • If you need to top off someone's account, this is a good time to do it while you are already paying the $30 processing fee.
    • If you need a buddy to share with, just ask! New milepoint members hoping to split costs should assume that they would have to send miles before receiving anything in return.
    Swap miles or points into Dividend Miles at (Link
    • has a promo through September 15 where they'll give a 15% bonus to points trades between programs. (Expired 9/15/2011)
    • "Earn 1 hit when you swap points or miles into Dividend Miles at – swapping Dividend Miles out to a different currency does not count."
    • 3 Best Buy Reward Zone points swap to 1 US mile. Spend $3 at BB to earn 3 points. BBRZ members can purchase 20 BBRZ points for $1.40 for themselves or as a gift to someone else. (Purchasing member's account must first be open for 30 days.) Through Sept 30, 2011, Best Buy will give 100 Reward Zone points for taking electronics to their store for recycling.
    • A sample of transfers are listed below: (List compiled by upgrade.)
    4 Continental miles1 US Airways mile.This option might be expired. Minimum seems to have been raised to 10K for all members.
    4 American Airlines miles1 US Airways mile.AA account must contain a minimum of 25,000 miles, although transfering only 4 is fine.
    4 Asia Miles1 US Airways mile.can be done as a round-trip transfer: 10 US miles -> 4 Asia miles -> 1 US mile.
    3 Best Buy Reward Zone (US only) points1 US Airways mile.4 BBRZ points can be earned by answering Audience Rewards trivia. See post #608.
    12 S&H Greenpoints1 US Airways mile.can be done as a round-trip transfer: 8 US miles -> 12 S&H points -> 1 US mile. This transfer takes place instantly!
    10K Priority Club points1K US Airways mile.A direct transfer of 10K points from PC to US without would get 2K points.
    3 Amex Membership Rewards points1 US Airways mile.
    1001 Frontier miles184 US Airways miles.minimum amount for outbound Frontier transfer.

    Dividend Miles Shopping Mall (Not SkyMall) (Link)
    • Includes, among many others. items must be added after following the link from the DM Shopping Mall; items added beforehand will not earn commission.
    • Expired: $2 with no shipping fee: Go Zero Plant-a-Tree Charitable Contribution - Gaiam. Confirmed that this will earn miles, though some have reported that they haven't posted. (Gaiam is no longer found on the DM Shopping Mall site.)
    • Barnes & Noble e-books are available cheap with no shipping cost.
    • Groupon is a partner. (See post #984 for a $2 Groupon offer that expires 10/6/2011.)
    • iTunes is an option for a cheap purchase with no shipping cost.
    Dividend Miles Toolbar (Download & Complete 3 Searches) (Link)
    • Toolbar users who had this installed prior to Sept 14 and who made at least 1 search prior to Sept 14 will probably need to complete 3 eligible searches again in October or early November in order to get miles to post within the Grand Slam dates. Miles post around the beginning of each month with the date of the first search during the previous month.
    USAirways Club Membership (annual) (link)
    • In past years, special discounts have been presented later during the Grand Slam promo. Will another come up this year? (Rumor: possible sale on 9/27 - 9/29/2011.)
    • There's not much sense in buying this sooner than you will actually use it.
    • 500 Preferred-qualifying miles for new Club members
      Earn 500 Preferred-qualifying miles when you buy an annual membership by December 30, 2011. Enroll online and use promo code NM500 or call 800-828-8522. (However, new memberships are subject to a $50 new membership initiation fee.)
    • Hit is earned for annual memberships only.
    Buy Up to Preferred (Link)
    Buy Trial Preferred (Link)

    Non-qualifying partner activity

    The following activities do not count as qualifying partner activity or hits:
    • Miles earned flying US Airways, US Airways Express or any US Airways partner airline
    • Miles earned from any company other than those listed below as qualifying partners
    • Any activity that does not earn Dividend Miles including but limited to hotel stays and car rentals that do not earn Dividend Miles
    • Hotels stays that do not earn at least 200 Dividend Miles
    • Multiple hotel stays on the same day, whether at the same hotel or not
    • Hotel point to Dividend Miles transfers that do not earn at least 850 Dividend Miles
    • Multiple car rentals that occur on the same day
    • Recurring partner bonuses including but limited to the ShareBuilder – 500 mile quarterly bonus and the USA Today – 100 mile monthly bonus
    • Miles earned for requesting a free quote for a service
    New service cancellation policy

    ALL bonus miles earned from the Grand Slam promotion will be forfeited and removed from a member’s account if new service acquired during the Grand Slam promotion is cancelled within 6 months from the end of the promotion. This date is May 14, 2012. For example, if you subscribe for a new USA Today newspaper subscription in order to earn a hit during Grand Slam and cancel it on or prior to May 14, 2012 ALL bonus miles you earned from the Grand Slam promotion will be forfeited and removed from your account, no matter how you earned them.
    Subscription partners include:
    • US Airways Club
    • Dish Network
    • Energy Plus
    • getAbstract
    • Share Builder
    • Life Lock
    • Netflix
    • USA Today
    • Vinesse
    • Wine Insiders
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    • AAA Carolinas no longer participating. Added notes for 21st Century Auto Insurance.
    • Added another FTD promo code for additional bonus miles. Added promo code for 80% off.
    • Added Rumor of upcoming US Airways Club membership sale.
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